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Labelling machines

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Labelling machines

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Labelling machine for different bucket sizes and shapes – Type VEE-MO

Product information

This machine was designed to label 17 different shaped buckets e.g. oval, cylindrical, square or conical-cylindrical buckets with special shapes. The labels are applied by 2 robot systems on different positions on the bucket. Variable data like batch code are printed onto the label by a thermaltransfer printer. Prior to entering the labelling station the bucket lids are pressed to the bucket to close it. The position of the handle is also checked prior to the labelling process. If necessary the bucket and the handle get aligned. The machine applies up to 3 labels onto different position of a bucket depending on the selected program. New products are teached into the unit by entering the base data oft he bucket into the controller. No difficult adjustment and setup is needed anymore. The capacity of the system depending on selected robot system and number of labels/bucket is 6 - 10 products/min.


Length: 4950 mm
Width: 3200 mm
Heigth: 3000 mm
Weight: approx: 1950 kg
Electronical connection: 400 V
Airpressure: 6 bar
Capacity: 6-10 products/minute

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