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Labelling machines

A large number of international industrial companies value the innovative and individual solutions developed by BBK engineers and the economical standard solutions of BBK's product range.

Labelling machines

Printing systems

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Printing systems


Software for every conceivable printing, labelling, automation or visualisation task: i.e. "Labels Platform 4", which was developed by us


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  • Beverages
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  • Logistics


  • Drinks Crates (deductible)

Drinks Crates (Removal)

Product information

The optimisation of storage, logistics and marketing: Drinks manufacturers who are represented on the market with more than one type are sure to know the problem. “How can I distinguish my products from those of the competition without encumbering myself with more storage costs?”

The crates are therefore multipurpose. The tiresome task of providing and sorting all kinds of crates is dispensed with and the storage costs are reduced because there is no necessity to maintain a stock of seasonal products, or product and export-specific crates. The advantages of this patented system are obvious:

•    Low energy consumption because the label is removed from the crate with
      the aid of the pneumatic suckers only.
•    The crate is labelled on 2 or 4 sides after it is filled in accordance with the
      content. In the case of neutral drinks crates the type marking can also be
      applied on 2 or 4 sides by the handles.
•    Hence it is also no problem to apply EAN codes.
•    The firms in the drinks industry now only require a basic beer crate.
•    Small space requirements and it can be integrated in an existing transport
      system without any difficulty.

It would even be conceivable to standardise the drinks crates in the various segments and hence to avoid tiresome crate sorting in the drinks trade. The crates are separated on the left. Thereafter the labels are removed with the suckers and the current labels are then applied. To mark the crates on 4 sides, directly after this unit a rotating station and another labelling unit would be integrated. These systems can be integrated either upstream or downstream from the crate washer.

Owing to the development of this system our company was awarded the 2000
innovation prize. It can be integrated into any existing plant without any problems.
If requested it can be a 2 or 4-sided system. The plant has an hourly output of up
to 4,800 crates.

The system:

Before the crates enter the plant they are separated by 2 lateral conveyor belts. The type-specific labels are applied to the crates at the end of the filling plant (or beforehand).
The motor-driven label pre-unwinder and the step-action motor dispenser guarantee high precision labelling of the crates. Thanks to the pre-unwinders, label reels with a diameter of up to 500 mm can be processed.

If requested, the pre-unwinders can be equipped with label prior warnings to detect early on when the stock of labels in the system is running low.  Variable data can be imprinted into the label with the aid of thermal transfer printers or hot stamps (e.g. fill date, ingredients, barcode, sell-by date etc.). As soon as the crates come back out of circulation, the labels are again removed full automatically from the crates.  As soon as a crate passes the product photo sensor a print mark reader is activated that checks if there is a label on the crate in the first place. If not the removal unit remains inactive. If there is a label on the product, the removal unit is activated.

The label removal unit consists of 3 vacuum suckers. The smaller sucker slightly raises the label. With the aid of the two stronger suckers, the label is now removed from the crate.
It goes without saying that crates that are already printed can be used as long as they can be labelled. A specially developed label material is required for this purpose that has good adhesive properties, but can be removed at a later date without leaving any traces. The label material can be an adhesive foil, for example.