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Labelling machines

A large number of international industrial companies value the innovative and individual solutions developed by BBK engineers and the economical standard solutions of BBK's product range.

Labelling machines

Printing systems

As an authorised distributor for different printing systems, we can always give you the best advice and ideal products for your requests.

Printing systems


Software for every conceivable printing, labelling, automation or visualisation task: i.e. "Labels Platform 4", which was developed by us


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  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Chemistry
  • Electronics
  • Beverages
  • Trade / Distribution
  • Wood / timber
  • Cosmetic
  • Plastic
  • Logistics
  • Medical / pharmaceutical
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  • Food
  • Paper
  • Consumables

Desk Dispenser – LD100 / LD200

Product information

These rugged and reliable donor table with 2-step speed control (low / high) can also donate transparent labels (except for RS models). The label rolls are easy to insert. The RS models have a reflective sensor below the label.

With the built-in opto-electronic label scanner ranges from a single, easy setup to adjust the machine to the corresponding label length. A special proximity sits below the label web and provides reliable and accurate management and administration of the label. If the label is peeled off the liner, the unit automatically pushes the next one in dispensing position. The modern design, the label is fed directly to the front of the unit, making it suitable for left-, right-handed as well as lose weight easily.

A switch for setting a slow or fast feeding speed and the adjustable media sensor improve the performance of these devices. There might produce here are no mechanical position switches, the problems in recruiting. Also provides industrial design, the function in almost any environment.


Dimensions: 229 mm H x 305 mm B x 229 mm T
Weight: 6,8 kg
Dispensing width: 25 - 110 mm (LD-100 and LD-100 RS)
  25 - 165 mm (LD-200 and LD-200 RS)
Dspensing height: 13 mm to unlimited
Diameter of core: 38 - 76 mm
External reel diameter: 220 mm (maximal)


Dispenser with adjustable speed and foot pedal.
Ideal for very long labels.


Dispenses automatically before the next label.
Not suitable for transparent labels.


Same features as LD-100-RS but in stainless steel.


Dispenses automatically before the next label. Fast Loading labels.
Not suitable for transparent labels.

The LD-series can be transparent as well as process and normal labels!

You can use the LD-100 LD-200 or choose who donates automatically always the next label, or type LD100S, who undertakes the administration at an adjustable pace. The LD-100S also includes a foot switch for industrial applications. Both versions work well for very short, and for very long labels perfectly.

By using the latest technology, these dispensers work with almost all kinds of labels. Possess the LD 100 and LD-200 an adjustable infrared switch, which senses the label start and thereby controls the feed rate. This feature allows the operator to process different label lengths and optimizes the processing of labels that tend to curl up in advance.

The insertion of the label roll into the BBK devices is likewise very simple. It is the only label roll into the appropriate core. Then threaded to the labels a lift to the take-up roll and the dispenser is used immediately. The use of quality materials and precision components ensure a high quality standard.